Active Ingredients Benefits


Produced by the combination of white and red grapes has a high content (80% titled) of polyphenols, therefore presents an exceptional antioxidant action, fights oxidative stress of the skin by preventing damage from free radicals, which cause premature aging.

Byproduct of winemaking, grape seed oil is appreciated both in cosmetics, for its emollient and antioxidant activity, both in dietary-food.

Brightening action, stimulate cell renewal.

Rich in anthocyanidins and tannins, are angioprotective and prevent damage from free radicals.

Moisturizing and emollient.

By virtue of its antioxidant properties protects from harmful free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin cells.

Gives softness to the skin, improves the brightness of the face, great as a makeup base, firming effect.

Is a valuable ingredient with emollient, moisturizing and regenerating properties of the skin barrier; is able to give firmness and elasticity to the skin; contains E vitamin, which acts as an antioxidant.

It's very similar to human sebum, with emollient action for dehydrated skin areas.

Emollient, nourishing, firming and soothing.

Moisturizing effect, form a soft film on the skin, giving a silky feeling.

Cconditioning and smoothing effect on the skin.

Soothing, refreshing and moisturizing.

Moisturizing emollient and soothing

Including fruit sugars (Urea, Glucose, Sodium PCA , Sorbitol , Fructose , amino acids).

Moisturizing which makes your skin soft and glowing, maintaining the proper humidity level.

Soothing, helps to give a velvety effect, without the use of synthetic polymers.

Vegetable origin, improves cell adhesion, retains the right degree of skin hydration and gives firmness to the cells.